the Creams
the Chocolates and
the Mousse

Milk and eggs fresh and tasty from the local production, the coming from cacao powders directly from plantations selected for taste and flavor. Because also in simplest of the couplings you can try only feelings.
the Sorbet
The pleasure to savour in a product therefore simple all the goodness of the fruit.
The secret of the
Fruit Ice Cream

Ripe fruit, rich of scents and flavors, one simple working in order to maintain of to all the qualities. When you taste, as an example, our ice cream to the strawberry you will have the feeling to savour every more small particle that taste can give to you in its maximum expression.
the Yogurt
Product daily with lactic ferments to high concentration, obtained to us from cultivations selected of Streptococcus Thermophilus and Lactobacillus Bulgaricus. Served with the fresh fruit or the mousse of fruit only before being consumed, in order to maintain you live the ferments and to have the maximum benefit from a precious food therefore like the yogurt.
the Crepès
The milk, the eggs of the local producers select to you from the Gelateria Veneta Lucca, contribute to render them fabulous. Cooked at the moment and garnished according to the tastes with ice cream, cream, chocolate and fresh fruit to give energy and a sense to the life.
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