Our force is the genuineness!

For the production of the ice cream we use of raw materials of quality and optimal chosen, such as milk, eggs, sugar, cream and fresh fruit, without use of conserving or coloring. This processing allows us to maintain the natural characteristics of the ingredients intact, and give the ice cream an unforgettable taste that envelops the modernity of the present with the wisdom of the past.
An example is our Vanilla Cream, whose recipe dates back to 1927, the year it was created by Vittorio Arnoldo, the current owner’s grandfather.. Apart from adopting technology, which perfectly conforms to the hygiene and product quality laws in force, the Gelateria Veneta’s Vanilla Cream is made using the same procedure of the old recipe. The ingredients are the same; fresh eggs, fresh milk, sugar and vanilla pods imported directly from tropical islands to guarantee the perfect outcome of our Vanilla Cream, just like a century ago. The fruit ice cream is frequently seen as a way of testing both the ice cream maker’s skill and the freshness of the ingredients. This idea is very close to reality, as fruit ice cream is solely the processing result of only three ingredients: fresh fruit, water and sugar. Any other element is superfluous as itwould only contribute to contaminating the authenticity of the flavour, for this reason the Gelateria Veneta uses neither milk nor flour, producing a highly digestible pure fruit flavoured ice cream without any type of fat content. “Stuffed Fruit” is one of the Gelateria Veneta’s products that best represents this aspect. It is a real container of quality and vitamins with 0% fat content, presented in its splendid natural packaging: the fruit rind from which the ice cream was made.

Ideal compositions for weddings and feasts are so created, bonding the freshness and the quality of the ice cream to the variegated fruit scenery.
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